Force in Unison sees a growing need within the indie community for things like Project Management, Website and Social Media presence, Publishing and more, and we know that as independent developers or small teams the workload can be overwhelming. We want to ease the workload of solo developers and small indie teams by assisting you to work smarter and help guide your project from conception to completion. Getting it to storefronts and launching it successfully, and as soon as possible.

Force in Unison aims to eliminate the bureaucracy that exists between indie developers and companies that offer services that could cause a sizeable dent in your pockets by creating a more economic and individualized approach that caters to your budget, whatever that may be. A partnership with us would mean a more personalized approach where there is no middle-man and instead directly interacting with us making communication more streamlined and executing on action items easier.

Our services will allow you to have a project management and execution team at your disposal while you concentrate fully on what matters most, your game.

Sergio Acevedo is a family man, having imparted his love of gaming to both his son and daughter. Atari was his introduction to video games but with Nintendo, he formed a long-lasting love that he continues to share to this day.

Sergio is based in Peachtree City, GA, where he aims to help developers with his Business Management background and experience in Knowledge, Problem, and Project Management for a Fortune 500 company. These days he normally talks himself out of adding anything more to his more than 3,000+ hours of FFXIV playtime.

Jonathan Ober is a husband, father, and gamer at heart. Gaming on the Atari and NES in his early years, Jonathan has owned and played a lot of the now considered retro consoles and a plethora of games over the nearly four decades of his life. Currently, Jonathan and his family of gamers enjoy the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and Oculus Quest 2.

When Jonathan isn’t gaming he runs a small website design and development company, Creative Coding Group, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On-off hours, Jonathan plays and reviews games for and