Game Development can take years and feel like an overwhelming compromise for developers who live on a tight budget or who are going through the process for the first time. Oftentimes we see a lot of games that show promise, falter before they are completed due to the developers running dry on their budget, reaching roadblocks they are unable to overcome, or taking so long that they either lose interest or feel it is better to drop it off when faced with an ever-moving end-point.

Force in Unison aims to assist solo and small developers with setting up unique deliverables and help guide your project from conception to completion, doing so both on time and within budget, allowing you to consciously create a healthy work-life balance while seeing the game progress. We bring years of experience in Project Management which allows us to plan and organize, manage tasks, do budgeting, and control costs, among other things, lifting this added burden from your hands so that you can concentrate fully on what matters most, your game.