Dragon’s Hoard

Social Media Management, Creative Support, Website Building, Steam Page Curation.

Website: https://dragonshoardthegame.com
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1455510/Dragons_Hoard/

Dragon’s Hoard creator Craig advertised via social media his action-adventure online multi-player fantasy game, which caught our attention based on a trailer he had created. Craig is a solo developer and he approached Force in Unison with the possibility of doing the marketing for the game.

After about a month of conversations, Craig and Force in Unison came to an agreement and we quickly started work on the game’s official website. Less than a month later, the website was published to coincide with a curated Steam page and Social Media push.

The game won’t release until Late 2022/Early 2023 and Force in Unison already has plans in place for an Alpha Test, a Kickstarter Campaign, and Social Media tie-ins to have fans participate in the possibility of writing quests for the game. 

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